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Watson UI
This system is based on a visual metaphor that integrates the Watson brand attributes—design, interaction and UI principles—while allowing for continued creativity and functionality. We call this construct “Altitudes”—a foundation born from the IBM 8-bar logo and powers of two. It is the structure for our content, cognitive behaviors, and user interactions. Using a visual metaphor provides the cohesion and consistent proportions needed to make each of our interfaces feel connected, delightful and alive.

More than a character or feature, Watson integrates into the experience to bring insight. When the design and motion are alive and delightful—and the insights both cognitive and illuminating—people can connect emotionally to their experience. Watson brand translates into a unique visual system that becomes a landscape for cognitive and functional behaviors that are both meaningful and memorable.

We looked at the brand system of Watson and used that design language to make it come alive in the digital environment.

Creative Direction: Mike Abbink
Design: Ryan Mellody, Chiu Ping Chiu, In-Hee Bae
Animation: Liko Ke, Chiu Ping Chiu, In-Hee Bae