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IBM Watson
IBM Watson is a cognitive computing platform with the ability to understand, reason, learn and interact. Watson 'asks questions, discerns patterns, draws connections, discovers and delivers insights' and is now applied to everything from accelerating cancer research and treatment to personalizing teaching based on individual student needs.

Our brand experience team redesigned Watson’s identity to feel dynamic, enthusiastic and justifiably positive about the possibility of creating a better world. We designed the entire design system of Watson, from the logo, iconography, colors, campaign materials, all the way to digital interface.

Working with creative partners, we explored how the Watson avatar could be brought to life—thinking of what Watson is made of and how it moves and behaves.   

Creative Direction: Todd Simmons, Mike Abbink
Design: Sadek Bazaraa, Emma Sainz, Chiu Ping Chiu, In-Hee Bae
Collaborators: Athletics, Universal Everything, CATK, ManvsMachine

Innovation By Design Awards 2017, Fast Company